Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Healthy Family - Take a Hike

My husband and I have decided to put a little more effort into doing things as a family.  From here on out, the weekends and holidays that the kids spend with us, we will carve out some time to do something active together.  Or at least something that stimulates the mind, body and/or spirit.

Our first attempt occurred this past weekend.  My kids were anxious to test out the gear we purchased for our New Mexico trip, so we decided to go hiking.  A quick google search for "Bergen County hiking" led us to the Palisades Park website and a list of moderate rated trails.  We chose Carpenter's Loop I - a 2.5 mile hike on even terrain with just one rocky descent - as our first official family hike.  All went really well and boy was I tired when we got home, the kids slept like rocks that night too. 

Packed some portable snacks in our Camelbacks and a cooler for the car where we would enjoy lunch afterwards.

Of course, I lugged my camera along.

My goofy tourists.
Some views.

The hikers.
The wildlife.
I'd love to use these posts as a way to inspire each other to try something new or to get out there and spend some time with the ones more dear to us.

Tell me, what are your family adventures like?  Do you have set times when your family does things together?


  1. Looks like you all had such a good time. Family time is so important and if you can do something that gets you outside and moving around, well, that's even better!

  2. I just love our family hikes. Our doggie just can't keep up anymore...and that was our excuse to get the whole family into the car and head to a state park. We may have to take another shot at it...Miss Lambeau LOVES to sniff new territory :)

  3. I love hiking with my kids. It's tougher now that we have a little one who can't walk very far or very quicky but is too big for the backpack. In a year or two, they will all be old enough to hike.

  4. Way to go! It looks like a fun family outing and a great way to stay connected. Beats TV, computer games, etc!!!

  5. That's awesome! I'll have to check those trails out... never really officially ever went hiking. LOL

  6. We love to hike to the Falls in our town... I will have to take pics on our first run, if we can ever get rid of the snow so we can get there! We also take our bikes with us on our summer vacations and choose campsites that have a lot of outdoor activities to keep us active. We try to stay active with them to teach them the lessons that took us 30 years to learn ;)

    Make it a great day!