Thursday, May 26, 2011

Exiting the Asylum - Review time

Not sure if when one completes the Asylum workout they are leaving the asylum or should be committed to one for putting themselves through such torture.

I can tell you what to do though if you want to bust your rear for 30 days and not have much to show for it. Wanna know that secret? Well, it's easy, eat like crap! Yup, my diet has been so poor and life so busy that it all just fell apart. I did every single workout for the 30 days but my lifestyle just kind of squashed any visible results.

This does not say anything about the program though. The program is awesome. Probably my favorite so far. Despite the lack of visible results, my core, legs and butt are hard as rocks and my stamina and coordination are much better than before. One of my favorite parts of this program is the focus on the lower back. This has always been a weak area for me (well, actually my entire back and shoulders), but Asylum has improved that by immeasurable amounts. I am beyond thrilled with that.

Where did the program fall short? I think there should have been at least one workout that was devoted to more ab work. Most of the moves do work the core, but I would've like just a bit more ab focus. That is my only complaint.

Also, each workout is under one hour. Thank you, thank you! Who has more time than that? Most of them hovered around 35 to 40 minutes which is really ideal. You'll work damn hard for those 40 minutes though.

Below are my before and afters. Not much difference, but I did promise them and here they are.  Day one is the blue top, Day 30 is the grey.
LOL - these look like I took them on the same day and just changed the top - even my hair looks the same!  There is a teeny bit of booty lift in the side view though at Day 30.
But, I hope that if you are on the fence about Asylum my results don't deter you from giving it a try. This really is a great workout that I plan to do again.

What's next? Another great thing about Asylum are the hybrid program schedules included. Your DVD set includes a 30 day schedule for a Asylum/P90X combo and one for Asylum/Insanity. I plan to do the Asylum/P90X combo followed by another round of straight Asylum. By August I plan to hit New Mexico with my bikini in hand!


  1. Yay!!! Congrats on making it through the 30 days!!! And I definitely think you look more toned... especially the back shot of your shoulders. (I'm right there with you though with eating like crap through this program...)

    BTW.. your waist looks extraordinarily tiny in the side shot!!! :)

    1 more week for me!!!!

  2. You look GREAT! Both before and after :) And feeling more taut and firm is wonderful~

  3. I notice a difference in the before and after pics - you look more toned (waaaay more toned than I am). I really need to get off my fat ass and do some programs already!

  4. waw! I envy you so much, i want that my body would be so hard as yours :-( you look amazing sweetie x

  5. I think you look different myself, more lean. Great for you!

  6. i love the design of the blue and cream white workout bra!! looks so gorgeous on you- you're looking mighty fit and fabulous <3

  7. I see more definition, too. But there reason it is hard to tell is that you look so great both before and after! Way to go!

  8. Laura - waiting on your review and results lady! I'm sure they will be awesome.

    Melissa - Thank you. :)

    Kelsey - Thanks, that top is from Aerie. They have some cute workout stuff.

    Megan - you made me laugh. I'm sure you don't have a fat butt. LOL Weren't you 30 Day Shreddin'? :)

    And thanks to the rest of you ladies. Hopefully the next 30 days will bring better results and a better diet. Oh, and hopefully Jillian Michaels' arms! LOL

  9. I think both photos show a very fit young woman, but I do see a bit more definition in the later photo. I'm really impressed with your discipline. You look wonderful. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  10. You didn't see much change because you already looked good to begin with! I wish I had your body.