Monday, July 19, 2010

Cute Little Appy - with Bacon!!

Who doesn't love bacon!  It's one of the things I've really been missing these days.  Bacon used to make an appearance at least every Sunday if not more often.  We've since switched to turkey bacon, but it doesn't get that greasy crispy goodness that makes bacon, well, bacon!  So here pair the artery clogging goodness with some healthier ingredients.  Because, of course, if you eat two healthy things with one unhealthy thing, the unhealthy gets cancelled out.  ;-)

I found this in a Rachel Ray magazine and modified it slightly.  This recipe is more appealing to the eye when done on the grill, but I chose to do this one on a very rainy day and used my grill pan.

Polenta Tomato Sliders

1 package ready-to-eat polenta, sliced
1 ripe tomato, sliced
6 strips low sodium bacon, cooked to crispy (as if there was any other way)
2 tbsp good dijon mustard
1/4 lb. low fat cheddar, shredded
olive oil cooking spray

Lightly spray your grill pan and warm to medium.  Grill polenta slices until firm (or until they have grill marks which unfortunately mine never got).  Spray with cooking spray and flip.  Cook other side to desired doneness.

To assemble your sliders just top one slice of polenta with a smear of mustard, a slice of tomato, bacon strip (or 2) and cheddar cheese.  Top with another polenta slice.

That's it.  I thought they were very cute and pretty tasty.  Can't beat the ease of preparation either.  And boy, when you don't have bacon for a while, it tastes DARN good when you indulge!!

My husband and I enjoyed these for dinner one night with a little whole grain bread and a walnut pepper spread (recipe for that will be along shortly).  A glass of white wine and we were satisfied.

Anybody else do an all appy meal once in a while?  I find it right up there with the breakfast for dinner scenario.  Fun and yummy!


  1. Thanks Fit, it was pretty good. :)

  2. You had me at bacon......mmmmmmmmm!!!!

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  4. Jenn - bacon is the bomb!
    Thanks Linda. :)

  5. Anything is better with bacon (and/or cheese) on it. These look really yummy.

  6. Thanks Robyn! When you have bacon AND cheese you really can't go wrong.

  7. Those tubes of that ready to eat polenta sure come in handy.

  8. They do Bo. This was my first time using it.