Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some Fun in the Lunchbox

My friend Lyndsey over at The Tiny Skillet posted about one of her bento boxes a while back.  It had the cutest little shaped hard boiled egg in it.  I had to know how she did it and she was nice enough to tell me about egg molds from Japan.  I had never heard of such a thing, but within 5 minutes I had four egg molds on order through ebay directly from Japan.  They showed up not one week later!

This was my first go at egg molding.  I thought the kids would enjoy these little cuties in their lunch boxes for camp.

The first step is to hard boil some eggs.  Let them cool a bit and peel them.  Place in the mold, close and refrigerate for at least 5 hours.  I did mine overnight.  In the morning, this is what we had:

And my favorite:

I did the bear too, but the egg cracked and he ended up looking like he had a cracked skull!  All in all though, this was really cute and easy to do.  I cannot believe I hadn't heard of these molds before.  I highly recommend molded eggs for a nice little pick-me-up at lunchtime (or, if it's one of those days, you might enjoy biting the cute face right off a cuddly little bunny).

Lyndsey recently started an entire blog dedicated to bento box meals.  She is a true bento artist - check out her new blog HERE.


  1. I love these egg molds! I have got to buy some. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lyndsey made me want to start making bentos too...I have some little tiny molds for quail eggs...They are really cute.

  3. The egg molds and Lyndsey's bentos are so cool. I would love to see what little molded quail eggs look like.

  4. OMG, those are so cute. I didn't even know that egg molds exsisted like that! Now I wish I had kids so I could put those in their lunch boxes! :) Oh wait, I don't need kids, I just need eggs!! Thanks for the post!

  5. Children not required! I felt the same way when I saw Lyndsey's post - I HAD to have them.

  6. I missed this one too. So sorry!

    I think I was more impressed with them than my daughter was.