Saturday, October 9, 2010

Goin' Loco for Local. Apples!

I do not enjoy the passing of summer.  The thought of the impending snow, ice and cold weather is just no fun.  But there are some things I really love about fall.  Casseroles, baking, holiday time and apple picking!! 

This year we chose a most perfect day for apple picking.  The weather was just perfect with a teeny touch of fall mixed in.  I loaded the kids in the car all decked out in their jeans and "Timbs" and headed 40 minutes north to Masker's Orchard in Warwick, NY.  Thankfully we went a littler earlier in the season this year as last year we went in mid-October and had a hard time finding apples.  This year though, the trees were bursting!  We ended up with a very full 1/2 bushel, a dozen cider donuts and a gallon of ice cold cider (which was free for AAA members).  Planned thus far is homemade applesauce (my husband's specialty), caramel apple cake and some yummy apple strudel muffins.

The view from the top o' the orchard:
My son LOVES to climb the trees.  He insists that the best apples are at the top where the sun can get them.
The princess and I wait at the bottom to bag those prime finds.
You cannot be a true princess without pink Timbs.
 Strike a pose.
 Got anything good up there?
 Free snacks!
After Masker's, we met up with my mother at Bellvale Farms.  They have a cool (and somewhat dusty) tractor ride to the pumpkin patch which is an actual pumpkin patch, not just a bunch of pumpkins sprawled on the ground.  We actually get to cut our pumpkins off the plant and preserve some of that neat curly stem.  And we know all great jack-o-lanterns need a curly stem!
 I loved the variety of pumpkins and squash available.
True to form, my son was very methodical.  He chose several large pumpkins and rolled them all to the edge of the patch.  After reaching the end, he strolled back up the path and compared the pumpkins so he could be sure he got the largest one available.  Here he is rolling his 30 lb. find back to the tractor pick up area along with Grandma.
The kids' finds. 
We are now dusty, hungry and tired!  Bellvale's homemade ice cream and apple cider donuts for all!


  1. What a fun fun day! Fresh cider is the BEST! And I have to agree with your son, the best apples are way up top. Lucky for you to have an expert apple picker :)

  2. Thanks Andrea. My only job was to carry the apples and pay so I guess I am lucky. Well, luckier if I could get someone else to pay! :)

  3. That's one thing I do miss living in Florida! We used to always go apple picking and had a bushel of apples sitting in the garage. We would grab and apple from the basket on our way outside to play. I still look for and buy Michigan apples down here. Looks like you had fun, I would love to climb the tree too (the best apples are up there) :D

    We've had a lovely week for weather except it was a little fry for me, but in the low 80s, very pleasant!

    I also miss being able to get a gallon of fresh cider for pennies...OK maybe not pennies but pretty cheap!

    Loved the pics of your family!

  4. What a fun day! The pics of your kids are great! Love that apple picking!

  5. Awww, thanks guys. We did have a great day together and the kids were soooo good all day (very unusual), so I guess they enjoyed it too.

    Lyndsey - whenever you start missing some fall stuffs, just let me know and we'll throw together a goodie bag for ya. :)

  6. What an adorable family you have! Your kids look like they had a blast!

  7. Betty, you've reminded me when I was in N.Zealand many years back! I used to go apple, plum and berries picking too. You guys were having so much fun there. Looks like your kids found some gigantic pumpkins for their granny. haha... Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos. I enjoyed looking at them very much. Have a great day to you!

  8. Thanks girls. It was a very perfect day (and we know those are few and far between) LOL.

    Kristy - thanks for the reminder about berry picking. We have a raspberry farm not too far away and I'll have to keep that in mind for spring.

  9. I love apple picking! Can I borrow your kids to help me out? I bet they loved it. And I can't wait to go myself - and get some warm apple cider donuts! Divine.

  10. Beautiful pics! Your kids are gorgeous! Love how your son has to climb the trees!!!

    We've been to Masker's orchard too... but didn't make it this year. Can't wait to read about your yummy baking with all those apples!!!

  11. Those apples look so good, so do the pumpkins.

  12. Hi ladies! Thank you for your comments. There IS just something about getting out there, getting a little dirty, and sucking up all that fresh fall air that just makes us feel good.

    Laura - I did make one apple cake which I will post, but the kids are eating so many darn apples that I'll probably have to buy some at the supermarket if I want to make anything else!