Saturday, October 9, 2010

Insanity Week 6 Round Up

Well, well, well, so this is Month 2 of Insanity.  Oh. My. Freakin'. Goodness!!!  After this week of hard core working out, my rear is dragging - I mean REALLY dragging.  This is just too much.  Honestly, I enjoyed Month 1.  I mean it was hard, but it was doable and I felt I was burning calories and fat.  But Month 2, in my opinion, is a little above and beyond.

Do I feel happy with myself that I can do it and did do it (for the most part)?  Yes.  Do I feel that this type of thing is necessary?  No.  Mind you, I don't believe this was created as something people should do for months and months on end either.  But, there are many twisting moves here that can really cause someone injury.  And trying to do push ups at the speed depicted in the DVDs, I don't see how that is good.  I know my form is off as my entire upper back is very sore to the touch and my chest feels fine, so that may be coloring my opinion here, but to me, I don't feel this is a good and safe workout for most individuals.  Again, this is just my opinion and to be honest, I've been extremely cranky all week so next week I may be saying woohoo, everybody and their mother should be doing Insanity.  For now though, I think Month 1 is certainly enough of a challenge, and coupled with a clean and healthy diet, enough for most people to see results and increase their stamina.

BUT, I did commit and I will continue to the end.  We have three weeks left and I will succeed and provide my honest review of the program as a whole upon completion.  And since we're being honest here, I will most likely purchase and do Asylum when it is released as well (I apparently get a thrill out of beating myself to a pulp), but I am taking many breaks during the workouts and am being mindful not to push myself too far so as to cause injury or utter and complete exhaustion.

The hubs is still with me as well. I lost him for half of Friday's workout because he started to feel a little nauseous (yeah, it's THAT intense), but even half a workout is better than nothing - especially half of an Insanity workout!

Results so far - My upper abdominal muscles and obliques are rockin'.  Dare I say there is the teeniest bit of a "2 pack" beginning?  Possibly.  Lower abs?  Well, I like my carbs and the cooler weather has me putting away a bit more of the sugary treats than usual, AND my job entails mostly sitting on my rear end at a desk staring at a computer monitor, so...  Legs and booty are continuing to firm up.  I don't feel I have that "cut and toned" look that I would love, but at my age, that may just be a pipe dream anyway and I'm fine with that.  So long as I feel good in my skin and my clothes are fitting comfortably and I'm keeping fit, I am happy.  For me it's really about maintaining a healthy lifestyle so I can stick around for my kiddos, husband and pup and set a good example for them.  That HAS to be what it's about for me - otherwise I'll never be happy with the results.

Have a great, great weekend!


  1. That first week of month 2 is like starting ALL over again. I have no doubt you'll make it through the next 3 weeks and do it in style!

    Yay to the start of a 2 pack! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Laura. It does feel like that!! Hopefully next week will be better.

    Not sure how long the 2 pack will be around - living way too close to Bobby Flay's Burger Palace. Ahhhhh!

  3. Congrats on completing your first week of month 2. I agree with Laura you’ll make it through the next 3 weeks. As you already know it’s okay to take breaks and even Shaun T. does it. Keep up the great work!!!

    Have a FUNtastic weekend!!!