Friday, October 22, 2010

Insanity - Week 8 Round Up

This week we missed not one, not two, but THREE workouts in a row and then our last one of the week when my husband's alarm didn't go off this morning.  I can blame work (several weeks of 10-14 hour days, weekends included) and being tired for the first three, but to be honest, I just really wanted a break.  I was getting a little overwhelmed with life and my limited free time lately and if felt good to just lounge in bed with my husband and the dog for that extra hour.

But, we eventually got back into it on Thursday by skipping the "recovery" day and doing what I consider to be the most beneficial workout, Max Cardio and Cardio Abs.  Read that as no annoying interval repetition and some hard core ab-focused work.  I'll try to get two more workouts in this week - we'll see.

As for results - yeah, whatever was done has been undone.  A very stressful, let's see, month?  Two months?  Year?  And my recent moment of clarity about some unhappiness in my life which I have apparently been trying to quell with cookies, cakes, carbs, you name it, have all just taken over.  I won't say I'm suddenly unfit, but I've really fallen pretty hard off the wagon and that belly bagel has made a reappearance.  I'm trying to find the energy and conviction to continue on and finish up Month 2 of Insanity but am not 100% sure that's going to happen.  Do I feel guilty about it?  Not really.  As mentioned before, I just don't really "dig" Month 2.  I'm anxious to move on to something different.  I need my weight training back again.

So, perhaps next week we will have my last week round up post or perhaps not.  I will, however, write up my review of Insanity either way.

For now, I will wallow in my dark mood, try not to purchase every ingredient for all the delicious dessert recipes I've recently printed out, and work out whatever I have to work out in my mind and life.  After that, I'll get back to the kind of working out I prefer - weight training AND varied cardio!


  1. Don't beat yourself up... Insanity gets old. I have absolutely no idea how I did 2 rounds of it. Do what you can though... we're all in a funk it seems. Go back to what you love though... trying to get through workouts that you hate is not beneficial at all. :)

  2. Thanks Laura. I agree. Yeah, surprisingly I'm not too upset about it. I'll get back when I am ready and interested. And I now give you 100x more kudos for doing it twice! LOL

  3. Workouts are not just supposed to challenging, but also motivating and stress-relieving. It just sounds like Insanity is not bringing that to you. It's OK. I think that the silver lining of going through the Insanity is that you are finding out what workouts "move you" and keep you moving.

    Hang in there... you are fit and strong and you will persevere.

  4. Thanks Melissa. You always know just how to say it. :) I think that's why I'm not too upset about not finishing (if that's what I decide to do) - I just really didn't like the last month of workouts so I wasn't motivated to do them. Perhaps we'll do a few weeks of Month 1 again though.