Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Am I the only one with cyclical cravings?  Right now, I'm craving cereal!  Have you tried Post's Great Grains yet?  My current fav is the Raisins, Dates & Walnuts variety.
I'm at about a bowl a day right now.  Sometimes I'll add a second as a night-time snack.  Guess it could be worse, right?

What are you craving today?

Note: This is not a compensated endorsement.  Just a post about the random food cravings of a lunatic.  :)


  1. I saw those at the store the other day & was intrigued. Must add to shopping list! Currently I'm happy to report I've been craving salads. Finally my craving is healthy (usually its chocolate, cookies, brownies, really anything baked LOL!)

  2. That cereal is really good--I like it with yogurt. I crave weird things all the time.

  3. I went through a cereal craving... it was the kashi go lean :P

  4. This is good to know. We don't eat much cereal in our house, except oatmeal. I enjoy a good bowl in the morning, but it has to be worth it and keep it's crunch. I'll definitely try this one.