Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My 1st Fresh Direct Experience

When I receive a $100 off coupon in the mail, it tends to attract my attention.  This is just what happened with  Apparently they now deliver to my area (Northern NJ) and were soliciting new business.  With a code for free delivery for two months and $100 off my first two purchases ($50 off each one), I had to give it a try.  Restriction - each order had to total at least $125 before the $50 off would kick in (a $125 grocery order is child's play for me so this was a no brainer).

Got my 10 day recipe plan in place and ordered what we needed to make it happen.  My order confirmation is below for anyone interested in those types of things (like me).  Prices for produce and other weight reliant items are estimated on the initial order summary.  My final total was $9 more than the original estimate.  So they do get it pretty close.

And here is what arrived at my doorstep between 6:30am and 8am this Saturday (7:3am to be exact)!  The best part, no annoying people who park their cart mid-aisle, no long lines, no muzak, no (insert myriad of other things one may hate about the supermarket here).  This came out of 3 boxes with the frozen pizzas on top in a plastic bag.  If we weren't home and the pizzas were left that way, not sure they would've lasted with all the squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, etc. we have here though so I will always try to schedule delivery when I know someone is home.
So far, I am really pleased with the quality. The veggies look fabulous.  To me, this is Whole Foods quality at a slightly lower price, delivered to your door. I love the way the fish is wrapped and everything is labeled.  We have some great dishes planned for the next two weeks and I'll comment more on quality and taste after we actually eat it.  :)
Here is my original order info email.  Final total was $116 at delivery.
0.5 lb Cave-Aged Gruyère ($16.99/lb)$8.49*

1 Red Jacket Orchards All Natural Apple Cider (1.89 liter) ($2.19/ea)$2.19

1 Goya Low Sodium Pinto Beans (15.5oz) ($0.75/ea)$0.75
1 Health Valley Low-Fat Stoned Wheat Crackers (6oz) ($2.29/ea)$2.29
1 Imagine Organic Chicken Broth (32 fl. oz.) ($2.49/ea)$2.49
2 La Tortilla Factory Smart & Delicious Soft Wraps, Multi Grain made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (10", 6ct) ($3.00/ea)$6.00 S
2 Mission White Corn Tortillas (6", 10ct 7.5oz) ($1.39/ea)$2.78

Heat & Eat
2 FreshDirect Mozzarella Pizza w/ Whole-Wheat Crust (Made w/ Part-Skim Mozzarella), Frozen (about 12") ($6.99/ea)$13.98

2 Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs (4-5 pieces per pack, Grade A) ($2.99/lb)$7.18*
1 Skirt Steak (USDA Choice, Hand-cut, Standard Pack) ($9.99/lb)$12.99* (this looks exceptionally delicious)

Organic & All-Natural
1 Organic Leeks, Bunch ($4.99/ea)$4.99
3 Organic Limes ($0.85/ea)$2.55 S

Our Picks
1 FreshDirect DeliveryPass Two-Month Trial (Two-Month Membership) ($0.01/ea)$0.01

2 Muir Glen Organic Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes with Chile (14.5oz) ($1.89/ea)$3.78
1 San Marzano Whole Peeled Tomatoes (28oz) ($3.49/ea)$3.49

2.0 lb Shell-Off Cleaned Extra-Large Farm-Raised Shrimp, 26-30ct (Hand-packed) ($11.99/lb)$23.98*
2 Wild Pacific Halibut Fillet, Previously Frozen (MSC Certified) (8 - 10 oz, Hand-cut) ($20.99/lb)$23.61*
2 Wild Striped Bass Fillet (8 - 10 oz, Standard-Cut) ($18.99/lb)$21.36*

Vegetables & Herbs
2 Broccoli (Farm Fresh) ($1.65/ea)$3.30 S (4 very large bunches were delivered)
1 Cilantro (Farm Fresh) ($1.49/ea)$1.49
1 Curly Parsley (Farm Fresh) ($0.99/ea)$0.99
1 Green Bell Pepper (Farm Fresh, Lg) ($1.49/lb)$0.89*
2 Green Zucchini (Farm Fresh, Med) ($2.99/lb)$3.59*
0.25 lb Jalapeño Pepper (Farm Fresh) ($2.99/lb)$0.75* (we ended up with 4)
1 Red Bell Pepper (Farm Fresh, Lg) ($1.99/lb)$1.49*
1 Shallots (6oz, Farm Fresh, 6oz bag) ($2.49/ea)$2.49 (3 large oneswere delivered)

Estimated Subtotal:$157.90*
State Bottle Deposit:$0.00
Order Subtotal:$157.90*
Delivery Charge (waived):$0.00
$50 off your Order!:-$50.00

If you are living in a Fresh Direct delivery zone, you can take these steps to (hopefully) receive the same deal:
  • Go to and add the delivery pass free trial to your cart.
  • Select your items and fill your cart.
  • At checkout, use code NEWFDA3 for $50 off each of your first two orders totalling over $125 before discount.
I am unsure if this is a regional offer so it may not work for everyone.  Good luck!  If you have any grocery delivery experiences, I'd love to hear them.  Admittedly, I could get very used to this and will probably utilize this service even after my discounts are used up.


  1. Never tried grocery delivery before..looks like your experience was definitely a positive one!

  2. I'm glad to learn about your experience. I've been thinking of using Fresh Direct for when the baby arrives, and this is the perfect opportunity. I would agree the prices are very competitive to Whole Foods.

  3. Sounds like a good deal except~ I am one of those people who actually likes to go food shopping! I am a browser..I just like walking and looking. I know..I know sounds silly, but I really like grocery shopping..Blessings, Catherine