Tuesday, December 7, 2010

B-Day Post! My Fav Restaurant

Yes, it is true.  Today I take one baby step closer to the big 4-0!  Funny how that number gets closer every year.

Anyway, my husband and I don't really do gifts anymore since we both buy ourselves what we want and need when we want and need it.  LOL  But, we do go out for a nice meal together.  This year we brought the kids along and had a great time.

Oddly enough, I chose the restaurant I've chosen for the past three years, Saigon Cafe in Jersey City, New Jersey. (website)  Vietnamese food made by a very friendly Vietnamese family served in a comfy little hole in the wall.  I think I may have ordered the same dish the past three years in a row too.  :)

Here are some rather crappy pictures.  The lighting in the restaurant had a blue cast to it and all I had was my son's cheapo point and shoot.  I don't know how all those great food bloggers whip out that big DSLR at a restaurant - guess I'm too self conscious.

The girls (we're sitting on a church pew!):
The boys:
Chicken satay with peanut butter dipping sauce:
Chopstick practice and a shredded pork roll:
Clay pot shrimp special with a side of rice (the rice was a godsend as this was so spicy but absolutely delicious):
Asian style pork ribs (my daughter is not very adventurous):
My fav - prawn chip pork with lettuce wraps (there are cukes and carrots in there too):
Of course, dessert came and it's one we just LOVE.  I totally forgot to take a picture until...
Oopsie.  It was a steamed banana "cake" with coconut creme and ground peanuts on top.  One day I will find a recipe for this little delight.  If you ever get to visit and can only afford one thing, get the steamed banana cake! Words cannot describe.

And my husband got off cheap.  Dinner for four, soup to nuts with a few alcoholic beverages (3 mojitos) and he shells out less than $100!  Hmmm...maybe I should rethink that whole no gift thing.

Thanks for a great birthday meal, my gorgeous and sophisticated husband.  Love ya (someone has to)!


  1. Happy Birthday!! Nice choice. We do the same thing for birthdays.

  2. OMG... That is too funny that today is your b'day too! Now I definitely won't forget!!

    Happy 29th b'day girl! ;)

    That restaurant looks yummy! I will have to try it at some point.

  3. Thanks all (especially Laura - LOL 29, oh how I wish). :)

  4. Happy Birthday. I can see lots of great fun at your family dinner outing...Going to 40 is scary for me too...it's getting nearer and nearer and I hate that feeling.

  5. Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a great time!!

  6. Wonderful birthday celebration! Happy belated birthday to you!