Thursday, December 30, 2010

More Pizza

Shall I resolve for 2011 to not eat quite so much pizza??  Nah, no way!

Last night I did a slightly different version of the broccoli pizza which was dubbed Best. Pizza. Ever. by my husband.  I added some very, very thin red onion and sauteed that with the broccoli tons of fresh garlic, salt, pepper and pepper flake in a bit of olive oil before topping the pizza.  We opted to use some red sauce and a bit of pepperoni.  Not much as I wasn't sure we'd like the flavor combo.  But, we did!!  Next time it's pepperoni all over.  Cooked at 450 on a pizza stone.

The result - thin crispy crust with that slight nutty flavor from the whole wheat dough.  The broccoli onion mixture had a pretty decent amount of heat from the pepper flake and garlic which was super delicious.  I only managed to get a slice and a half before HE came home and devoured the rest.  Geesh!

Apologies for the crummy pics - I was in a hurry to eat.  Promise it was much more delicious than it appears here.
I haven't thought up any yet besides attempting to eat healthier, but do you have any resolutions for 2011 in the kitchen?


  1. looks delicious!! love homemade pizza~

  2. Love that pizza, esp. with lots of garlic! Here's wishing you and yours a great Happy New Year!

  3. I absolutely love homemade pizza, this looks fabulous! I am still working on my resolutions!

  4. omg i love pizza, you got lots of nice recipes, i would have to try them they look delicious and i love to eat lol
    I Love Your Blog!!!
    Happy New Year!!!

  5. I love it! They look so good!
    Happy New Year!

  6. Thanks for the vote my dear! This pizza looks soooo yummy! Happy New Year!