Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A New Outlet (err...I mean blog)!

It's official, I'm a stuck in a rut mom.  Finally, at 37, figured out what it is I like to do.  Yeah, I've always been a little late to the game.  Problem is, at this point, it's just not possible to pursue those interests right now.  What's a girl to do??  Well I say why not start a new blog wherein she can post about all the things she wants to do, hopes to do (translation: wants to buy), places she wants to go, and so on!

So I did it.  I started a mom blog (a mlog?).  My husband would probably call it a blah, blah blog and he's not far off.  Mom blog sounds better than bitter, frustrated, aging woman blog doesn't it?  LOL  I promise though, I'm not that bitter or that frustrated, but it would be fun to commune with other women (and men too) about art, decorating, kid stuff, fashion, shopping, travel, budgets, etc.  If you care to join me, feel free to come on over to Random.  I'd love to see ya!


  1. Sounds good. I started out with my random blog...that's why I called it Aqua Sunday. I didn't want it to be about anything in particular. Then I started my The Tiny Skillet blog just to have a place for my recipes to be stored and people who ask for the recipe...I'll send them there. My The Tiny Bento is just for fun! I feel funny having people blog hop around just for me. It's good to know someone else is blog expanding too! :d

    I'll see ya there!

  2. Aww,thanks Lyndsey. I love hopping around all of your blogs. They all offer something great and different. I just didn't want to bore anyone with my mommy stuff if they are looking for food. :)

  3. Yay!! ;) I'LL have to check it out-woowhoo!!