Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tag - Easter Party Menu

I'm a little late to the game here today but I was so graciously tagged by Lyndsey of The Tiny Skillet to participate in a dinner menu game and had to partake.  The process appears to be to choose 5-10 recipes from your past posts and create a dinner menu (including links to the past posts and a photo) then choose 10 other bloggers to do the same.

Since Easter is about half over, let's just make it a dinner party for any occasion.  I'm such a rule breaker.  :)

Here is my kid friendly dinner party menu.  Not sure these all flow together to make a nice meal, but then again, mine never do anyway:
Rum Cocktails (no rum for the kiddos of course, but they'll love the coconut "cup")
Lentil Soup with cornbread
Wasabi Tuna Rolls for the vegetarians
Creamy Peach Pie for dessert

Ten bloggers I'd love to see put together a menu:

Kristy from My Little Space
Bo from Bo's Bowl
Michael from Me, My Food & I
Little J from Whisk It Good
Julia from No Face Plate
Catherine from Living the Gourmet

Oops, I think that's 11.  Sorry for any double tagging.  I have about 300 more bloggers I'd love to tag as well.  :)  Thanks Lyndsey for including me in this fun project.  It was great to look back and some older posts.
Happy Easter to those who celebrate!


  1. Katrina that a nice looking menu. The stout steak...I'll have some right now yum! Yeah I'm a rule breaker too...I don't think we are too worried about it here. I almost just said all those who want to join us...well I did say that, but ended up tagging some as well.

    Happy Easter! Even though it's half over...:D

  2. Hi Katrina. Happy Easter to you.
    I'd be very happy to be invited for dinner with all those fab food. Yum.
    Thanks for tagging me. I'm gonna put my thinking cap on and will be going through my previous posts. Have a nice day.

  3. great menu the cocktails look amazing happy Easter


  4. What a fun, delicious menu...I need to check out those many great dishes! And thanks for tagging me :)

  5. Happy Easter to you & your family, Betty! What a feast you have here. Thanks for your invitation. It should be a great fun. Have a great week ahead.
    Blessings, Kristy

  6. Hi Katrina, That's a great spread for the Easter party :) That stout steak looks so delicious, will check your recipe on this.

  7. that looks so good! I don't know if I have that many recipes that i've posted on my blog :-/ but i'll improvise :-)

  8. Thanks for the tag! I'm wondering if I'm too late in creating an Easter menu too?? Your lentil soup looks delish by the way!! Hope you had a nice holiday weekend :)

  9. You made some wonderful choices for your meal. The pie has me intrigued. I've never had a creamy peach pie. It's time to remedy that. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  10. Thanks for the tag...but am I too late now since it was for an Easter menu???
    Hope you enjoyed your Easter...the food all looks fantastic!!

  11. Love the menu... looks scrumptious! I bet the kiddies loved those mocktails, I am sure that mine would too.

    Make it a great day!

  12. I love your choices for the dinner. They look delicious. I must get some of the recipes.