Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A New Challenge on the Horizon - Are You In?

There have to be others out there like me.  You know, the ones who pick up cooking magazines at the checkout counter fully intending to make something from it but never do.  The ones who have stacks and stacks of cookbooks at home, looking through them a few times but never making more than a handful of the recipes.

Well, the above describes me to a T so I have given myself a new 30 day challenge.  What is it you ask?  Well, each week I am going to choose a cookbook or magazine and prepare a meal (or drink or dessert) from it every day for a week.  Then I will move on to another and then another.  My family will be enjoying an entire month of something NEW every day.

Here are the deets - I cook Tuesdays through Saturdays (Sunday and Monday that task belongs to the husband although he may participate too).  My plan is to post the week's recipes on the blog the week after they were prepared.  I figure this whole thing will be challenging enough without having the pressure of blogging the results within 24 hours!  So, next Tuesday (January 18th) I will begin my week of recipes out of the most recent Martha Stewart Everyday Magazine.  If memory serves me, this is the "light" issue (perfect).  That week of recipes will show on the blog throughout the week of January 23rd.

Some other mags and books I have in mind are my Chicago Street Food cookbook that I won on Pam's wonderful blog long, long ago, Food Network Magazine, Nigella Lawson's books, Bon Appetit (this one has always frightened me as I really never felt "fancy enough" to purchase it), etc.  Honestly, I have enough "material" to continue this challenge for a year or more.  But let's see how we fare after 30 days before extending it, ok?  :)

If anyone wants to join me or has done something similar in the past, I'd love to hear about it.

For now, wish me luck!  Ima gonna need it.


  1. That sounds like a daunting challenge! I to have many cook books and magazines laying about, i copy recipes from the internet and they sit in a (not so) neat stack on my coffee table. I would be up for joining you in this challenge if it weren't for my wonky work schedule. But with this idea, i might just go ahead and try something similar!!

  2. Good luck girl! Can't wait to see what you're cooking! It's hard for me to cook on days I work... well cook an elaborate meal that is. I may just try something like this on Wednesdays and the weekend. Hey 3 NEW recipes a week isn't a bad start, right? :)

  3. Hey girls! Yeah, I'm worried about it because of work as well. I can do a 4 hour day one day and then 12 hours for the next however many. But, I'll have to learn to plan. Tonight I'll make my recipe and shopping list for next week. It's actualy kind of exciting.

    And heck, ONE new recipe a week is good in my opinion. :)

  4. I am really excited for these new recipes, I am always looking for new ideas!

  5. Good luck to you!! I look forward to what you'll be posting!!

  6. Sounds like a fun challenge! I am lucky if I post 3 recipes in one week. Usually I eat everything before I can take a picture of it :)