Monday, January 3, 2011

NYE Snackies - Love to Trader Joes

Happy 2011 Everybody!

Just sharing my kids' favorite thing about the Eve - snackie dinner!  This year we ran to Trader Joes and picked up all the frozen appys and goodies we could find - trying to be somewhat mindful of ingredients and such.

We had:
Fresh tri-color tomatoes oven burst and spread on toasted french bread.  Cilantro chicken dumplings.  Large head of garlic to for roasting and spreading.  Seasoned salmon fillets.  Tri-color hummus and garlic cheese with chips and pretzels.  Parmesan pigs in a blanket.  Mini pizza bagels.  And of course, Swedish donuts with caramel dipping sauce.  Yup, we made pigs of ourselves and enjoyed every minute of it!  Then I went to bed at 10.  :)
Anyone else have any NYE traditions?  Have you ever been to and do you like Trader Joes?


  1. That's great for NYE and fun for the kids. Trader Joe's is pretty great too, lots of yummy things there. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. I've never been to Trader Joe's, I have not heard of it actually. I don't think there are any in Atlantic Canada.
    When i was a kid, on New Year's Eve we would stay up with Dad (Mom's a lightweight :P) and watch the movies we received for Christmas. Now, i usually make last minute plans; as log as i get to see the fireworks, i go with the flow!

  3. Omg I love this, Im in love with trader joes, anything from that store is good, i go there once a week and buy me the tasty goodies, i also like whole foods store, do u have whole foods in your area?

  4. hi Betty, it's a compliment that you want to copy me!
    And I wish I was with you to taste al these good things, yummie x

  5. Love Trader Joe's!?! I LIVE for Trader Joe's! It's the best.

    We did a new thing this year for NYE. Took the kiddos to the Charles Schulz Museum (in Santa Rosa, CA) and they had a root beer toast at noon with a balloon drop led by Snoopy. It was a great way to celebrate because we generally can't stay up long enough to catch the New Year. ;-)

  6. Your menu is making my mouth many amazing things at the same time.

    I do not have a Trader Joe where I live that I know of but back home on new years eve we would have a huge feast of Indian style chinese food, chocolate cake and assorted fireworks later.

    Happy New Year.

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin from Toronto, Canada

  7. Nothing better than a snacking dinner to start out the new year. I just hate reading posts that have anything from Trader Joe's...because we don't have one anywhere near us. I don't think there is any in Florida! I'm jealous!

  8. Melissa - that celebration sounds wonderful!!

    Sorry to all that don't have access to Trader Joes. I'm happy to send samples to anybody who can't try it. :) Non-perishable of course.

  9. Oh me gee! That looks delish!!! The Swedish donuts??? WOW. no words. I want some. Like now. Can I raid your kitchen?

  10. Looks like a great way to enjoy NYE. We typically stay home, enjoy a good meal, some bubbly and go to bed.

    Happy New Year to you!


  11. Wish there is a Trader Joes in my country soon. Happy New Year!

  12. Oh my ... you really had a lovely spread for New Years! We played cards with friends and rang in the New Year. Our tradition is the morning of Jan 1st, we host both families to a brunch... yummy too ;)

    Make it a great day! Happy New Years friend

  13. Love Trader Joe's!!! I love some of the unique stuff that can be found there.

  14. I love TJ's too! Those Swedish donuts looks good. I just discovered these caramel cookies that are sooo yummy. They are called a Stroopwafels. You'll have to try them if you haven't already!