Sunday, January 30, 2011

Recipe Challenge Week 1 Thoughts

Well, the week is done.  Seven recipes from Martha Stewart Everyday in one week.  All in all, we ate pretty good this week.  I love that everything was "light" as well.  I felt like perhaps we even dropped a pound or two.  Seriously.  Which is always a good thing.

One thing I can say about doing this challenge is that it forced me to pre-plan the week's dinners.  I made my shopping list off of the recipes I planned to make and that was all I purchased at the store besides our usual staples.  Despite having a few very long work days in the mix, I was able to knock out dinner each night.  And, all week we had leftovers for lunches and to get us through the weekend.  It was a very nice feeling.

We are looking forward to next week which will be Rachel Ray magazine.  Sadly, I didn't see any low calorie, "healthy" looking recipes in there, so I better get my butt back into working out quick.

The highlights of this week were the pot stickers and chicken chili.  Both were absolutely delicious and I couldn't believe I made them and that they were light meals.  One failure out of the week wasn't too bad as I honestly expected more than that.

I hope you guys enjoyed the recipes this week or were inspired to dust off one of the books or magazines you've been meaning to get to.  I'll see you tomorrow with our first fattening delight from Rachel Ray!  Ta now.


  1. i enjoyed your receipt very much dear Betty, thanks you for sharing x

  2. Thanks for visiting so often Fanny. :)