Sunday, February 13, 2011

RC Week 3 Thoughts

Ah, Bon Appetit.  For most of my adult life you have taunted me from the magazine rack.  Telling me I was in no way sophisticated enough for you, that I wasn't a good enough cook or baker.  I just knew you were full of expensive, out of my budget ingredients which would be used to prepare rich, complicated dishes that my simple palette just couldn't appreciate and involving fancy culinary techniques that I definitely did not possess.

But alas, I was wrong.  This week I grabbed the Bon Appetit by the horns and dove right in.  Six recipes (well, two were drinks, but ya know we gotta start somewhere) done!  All were delicious!  All were cooked by lil ole me!  So ok, I did spend more on ingredients this week, but not as bad as I thought.  $30 for those fabulous pork loins and $30 for those buttery delicious steaks were very well worth every penny.  The ingredients weren't that hard to find (although the miso took a few minutes).  And you weren't overly fattening or rich!!  Even better, no fancy techniques (although cutting the top off a coconut without making a huge coconut mess is apparently an acquired skill) or unrecognizable terms.

And now the week of BA is done and I'm a little sad that I won't have the chance to get back to you for a few weeks.  But this is just a see ya later because you will now appear in my measly little mailbox every month for the next year.  Soon enough we will again be snuggled up on the couch flagging "must do" pages and compiling a shopping list for the week.  Until then, it's been fun.  XOXO

Do I dare now pick up a copy of Gourmet??!!


  1. That's it. I need to go magazine shopping! BA & Gourmet have also taunted me for many years...its time to slay these beasts LOL

  2. haha Andrea - you can do it. If I can, anybody can! :)

  3. Good for tackled it and came out the other side! Bravo!

  4. Good for you! Well done on the challenge.

    Sad to say, but... Gourmet magazine folded in 09. The closing caused quite the stir with the foodies.

    The web site and "brand" is still alive, though. I think you can still get a copy of "Gourmet Today" or peruse the archives online, too.

  5. Hey, good for you... I have been loving your reviews! I think that you are on to something my friend!

    How was the X this past week? Onto week two we are ... we rock sista!