Sunday, February 6, 2011

Recipe Challenge Week 2 Thoughts

No offense to Rachel, but I am so glad this week is over!  I honestly feel like I've put on close to five pounds eating from her magazine.  We enjoyed all but one of the recipes and they were very "homey" and comfortable which is nice.  Nothing too crazy for the working mom or beginner cook.

Again, it was so nice to have a plan everyday.  I didn't run to the store several times this week, we only went once, list in hand.  There are also several tupperwares of leftovers still in the fridge that will get us through the weekend and lunch all week.

Best thing about the past two weeks?  We did not order a pizza even once!  Not even when the kids had friends over.  Everybody ate what I made or chose a leftover from a previous night.  Gotta love that.  No wasted groceries and no extra spending on take out.

The kids' favorite from this week was definitely the Chicken Mac & Cheese.  For my husband and I, it was the Sausage & Pepper Pizza.  Actually, everything was very tasty with the exception of the Turkey "Chili".  Another good experience.

So we are at the half way point and moving on.  Next up is Bon Appetit.  Oh, that one makes me nervous.  But we are starting out easy and I have high hopes for the entire week.  Best part - nothing is overly fattening.  We won't see a lot of cheese this week!

Hope everyone enjoyed the week of Rachel Ray.  See you tomorrow with a little glimpse of the beach.  hint hint


  1. Good for you, 2 weeks w.o ordering a pizza is HUGE in my opinion :) (we're kinda pizza addicts here LOL) I agree about Rachels recipes, good for busy nights or for novice cooks but after a while they lack something (and its not cheese or EVOO LOL)! Can't wait to see what you create next week :)

  2. I love Rachel Ray's cooking techniques, but they do seem to be very high-cal, not good for us ladies trying to trim a few!!
    I wanted to let you know I am sending you a Stylish Blogger Award. Take a peek at my blog, you can pick up your award if you want it!

  3. I agree about RR... she always comments during her shows that this recipe is figure flattering... then continues to pour a cup of oil into the pan... I always found it's hit or miss with her stuff. I either love the recipe or it's blah.

  4. Thanks ladies. Yeah, not ordering out is a very HUGE step here for sure. Last week I did take the kids to Smashburger, but that was one of those days where I didn't have a menu planned and time got away from us.

    Natasha - thanks. I'll go take a look. It's not often I get referred to as "stylish". LOL

    Laura - I think RR has a false idea of figure flattering. Unless she thinks excess curves count. But you are right, they either knock your socks off or are just not so good.