Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 1...Again. A Workout Post

Where oh where have the workout posts been?  Well, I'll tell ya.  Nobody's been working out.  I keep starting and stopping.  Most recently I made it through one week of P90X followed by two random workouts the following week.  And I've been eating pretty poorly.  So, since my jeans were quite tight in the waist the other day, I decided to get back on track with a new program that will hopefully keep my attention.  The problem before?  Dedicating an hour + to workouts.  I just can't do it.

The decision was made to go back to the month 1 Insanity workouts.  Most of them are under 40 minutes.  Perfect.  I will do those 5 to 6 mornings a week subbing in some other DVDs here and there for review purposes, and hopefully 3 nights a week I will do some P90X or other strength workouts.

Just to make sure I keep up with it, I am posting my sad Day 1 photos.  These were taken immediately prior to starting my first Insanity workout on Saturday morning so please excuse the lack of makeup.

The part I'm most anxious to see leave?  The damn muffin top.  Oh how I hate you!
Now I know these aren't the worst before photos in the world, but having been in shape and somewhat fit my entire life, I'm disappointed with my body.  I'm not complaining and calling myself fat, nor am I striving to look like a supermodel, but I don't feel this body truly represents who I am.

More pictures in 30 days.  Hopefully we'll be well on our way to amping up the sad booty, getting rid of the spare tire, and bringing back the muscles!  Expect more healthier recipes too.

Am I the only one who's fallen off the wagon this winter?  What are you doing to get back in shape?


  1. This is the first year that I have been off playing sports. That being said, I've had to work extra hard to make up for the lifestyle change. Now I must work-out on my own and I'll tell you that the most beneficial motivation for me is thinking about how good i'm feel after completing a good work-out. I focus on each day at a time, and it really works!

    I tend to stay away from multiple week programs because I know I'm not going to feel the same way about working out each week! That being said, I choose what my work-out will be like based on what I'm up for doing that specific day.

  2. You're pictures aren't bad AT ALL! But I know how you feel about falling off the wagon and jeans getting tight. I've been falling off and getting back on way too many times to count lately. Good one day, bad for 2 days after...

    Can't wait to see your 30 days pics! Keep pushing play!!! :)