Sunday, August 1, 2010

A New Workout!

I'm so excited that Jillian Michaels is finally releasing a new DVD.  As I have mentioned before, I love her workouts (not the Biggest Loser workouts, but her personal ones).  They push you to really work hard.  If you are looking to jump start your metabolism and are serious about getting into shape, any one of her videos will get you off to a very good start.

I started my fitness "journey" with the 30-Day Shred in February and got tremendous results rather quickly.  My stamina increased greatly and my tolerance for high impact and weighted workouts went up measurably almost daily.  I was buying heavier dumb bells on a weekly basis.  From 30-Day Shred I moved on to a combo of No More Trouble Zones (strength exercises) and Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism (cardio).  These videos gave me a great advantage for when I started P90X (of which I have just 2 more weeks!!).

Shred It With Weights will be released September 7th.  I just pre-ordered!!

There is a video preview on the Amazon website.  Looks like an intense, weighted workout that will give you that cut and toned look pretty quickly.  The video consists of two levels, each workout running approximately 30 minutes from warm up to cool down.  Light dumb bells or a kettlebell should be used.  A tutorial on using the kettlebell is included on the DVD.

Disclaimer:  I do not promote fitness-related (or any other) products for compensation.  I only enjoy sharing the DVDs and programs that I feel get results - fast as I have a great passion for physical fitness.  There are millions of fitness videos out there to choose from, but I have found that most of them will only get you so far.  Videos and programs reviewed or recommended were purchased with my money for my own personal use.  :)


  1. I started back at the gym yesterday.....I need more than a video at this point! but my wife loves her videos!

  2. Good for you! I think this is the first time I haven't had a gym membership since I'm about 16. :)

  3. You are going to be in great shape for vacation! :)

  4. I hope so Tootie (after all, you guys have all those great new - and old - restaurants for me to try). Thanks for visiting!!

  5. I'm about to start the 30-Day Shred... thanks to you. Since I have been reading your blog, I have gotten back into my DVD fitness routine. I have just completed my fourth week of consistent exercising and am seeing better definition. I don't think that I am P90X material... (you rock! BTW) but I am more fit and that is the goal.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Wonderful news!! SO happy to hear that I can inspire someone - never thought of myself as inspiring. LOL. Can't wait to hear what you think of the workouts. And thank you so much for visiting and reading. :)

  7. I love it that you love good food and good exercise. (and good make-up, too)

    I got my best compliment the other night when my 6 y.o daughter wanted to ride scooters with me and after a while of riding then scolded me, "Mom... STOP. Playing!"

    That's when I know the workouts and healthy eating is paying off... I can keep up with the chil'ens. You ARE inspiring!

    The good news is... Day One of the 30-Day Shred didn't kill me. LOL I was able to complete it fine and dandy... not that it wasn't a hard workout, though.

  8. haha - so you are outplaying your 6 year old, huh? That's great! LOL
    Thank you so much for reading and letting me know how your 30 day shred went. I hope you enjoyed the workout. One thing is for sure, their are sooo many DVDs out there, that everyone is bound to find something they like.
    Were we on one of the makeup forums together? Sorry, I'm not good as associating people's "real" names with the online ones?

  9. Yes... LOL I am Runaround Sous from the AL forums and we are FB friends, too. :-)

  10. LOL - I wasn't 100% sure! Thanks Melissa. :) And from what I've seen, I don't think you have too far to go to being in rockin' shape. You look great already!!