Wednesday, August 11, 2010

P90X Update - Now P97X

A little update on the P90X front.  I decided to repeat my last "strength" week of the program since I had to take a few days off last week to recuperate.  These were the very first workouts I have missed throughout the entire program!  My run with P90X will actually be 97 days.  I did struggle with the decision of whether to repeat the entire last phase (5 weeks) since I haven't been feeling myself since the beginning of July and don't feel I was able to really "bring it" to the workouts during that time.  BUT, I have to say that while I LOVE the program, I think doing another 5 weeks would be hard as I would get bored.  It has been easier lately to just stay in bed rather than hobble on down to my workout area and bust my butt for an hour or more.

So, I will make this week my last "strength" week and do my "recovery" week next week.  Photos and measurements will be taken and posted at day 97 rather than 90 - although I don't expect much visible improvement in the last week.  This will bring my completion date to August 20th, the day before we leave for a week's vacation on Sanibel Island - not a bad reward if I do say so myself.  I'm very hopeful that I can wear that bikini and feel confident in it on the beach (honestly, the latter is the bigger hurdle).  :)

While on vacation I will write up my complete review of the P90X workout program, as well as a brief overview of my experience with Beachbody's Brazil Butt Lift (that name really just makes me laugh) which I have been doing on and off for a few weeks now.

Upon returning from vacation my husband and I are supposed to start Insanity together - another Beachbody product consisting of killer plyometric (jump training) type workouts.  We'll see if he sticks to the plan.  I know I will!

Here is a link to a news report recently done regarding high intensity workout DVDs.

ABC News Report

Below are some links to video clips of the three Beachbody workout programs discussed that I found on Youtube (they are not my clips and I'm not affiliated with any websites "plugged" during the videos).  I will say that I like the Beachbody products (despite the price tag, but hey, that's what ebay is for) as they are not monotonous and provide a very good, if not extreme, workout.  No wuss stuff here and you will see results!  Enjoy the videos.


Insanity with Shaun T

Brazil Butt Lift (over-sexed but effective)


  1. LOL... You'll be finishing up P90X as I start it. You'll love Insanity... it kicks your butt from the start! Can't wait to see how you do with it. :)

    QQ... Did you use the pull up bar for X or did you do the pull down version????

  2. I know - we're switching programs! LOL
    I had nowhere to put a pull up bar so I used the bands from a hook my husband put into one of the ceiling beams. Before the bands arrived I just used weights and resisted on the way down vs. on the way up (if that makes any sense). For the record, I did have alot of changes in my back muscles - they are much more defined.

  3. I'm so looking forward to your review on P90X. And OMG plyometrics are quite evil! I have a workout planned for tomorrow with walking explosive lunges...I'm not looking forward to it, but I will do it anyway. *cries*

    I just watched the video for the Brazil butt workout. It looks fun and I like how the girls look like they are having fun too. I would imagine the booty would be quite sore after that workout. Looking forward to your review on that too. :-D

    I would like to try Insanity with Shaun T. I got pumped just watching the preview for it!

  4. Eww Blix, lunges are bad enough. nevermind explosive ones! I always dread plyo, but once I get moving, I can go to the end. :)

    I think my review will be mostly positive for all three programs - they are really good workouts that provide variety and work the entire body. I think Insanity may kill me though.