Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hot Product Shout Out - Sauce Edition

As a general rule, there are no pre-packaged or convenience foods in my house (toaster waffles excepted, school mornings can be tight sometimes).  But, there are some products I just love and have to have every once in a while.

Today's shout out is not a bargain item either, but it is so worth the price.  I'm sure I can make it myself, but ya know, sometimes easy just fits with the mood of the day.

Enter Rao's Arrabbiata sauce!  At $8 a jar retail price, this is a splurge for sure (I can make at least a gallon of homemade sauce for that price), but it is oh so good.  I prepared some whole wheat linguine and while heating the sauce, I threw in a pound of cleaned shrimp (tails off), heated for 10 minutes and served over the pasta with a side of garlic bread made with a whole wheat olive bread from a "new to me" farmer's market.  Yummy!!  It was so good that the four of us ate nearly the entire pound of pasta with this fabulous sauce.  There is a bit of heat to it, just enough to make it the perfect pairing for seafood.

So if you are ever in the pasta sauce aisle in search of something for a quickie dinner, skip the Ragu and give Rao's a try - I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Photo credit: Rao's

Any other pre-packaged products out there you cooks use that I should try?


  1. I never use jarred sauces, but I do keep a few non chef buy salad dressings, I hate making them...and I keep a few boxes of kraft mac and cheese for emergencies!

  2. Dennis - I have to agree with you on both the salad dressings AND the mac and cheese!