Monday, August 30, 2010

Insanity - Days 1 and 2

Whew!  Two days of Insanity are in the bag.  I have to say, Insanity lives up to it's name.  So far I have done the fit test, 8 different exercises done for one minute each to see how many reps you can accomplish, and today was Max Interval Plyo, interval training that gets progressively faster and more intense with each set.  And as an added delight, Shaun T adds the most difficult exercises (for me anyway) in at the end of the workout.  Hello!  I cannot hold plank position and jump my legs in and out and side to side after the crazy jumping, squatting and running you've had me doing!!  The man is nuts.  But, he has some very fit people doing the video with him and watching them get winded and take breaks makes it all a little easier to swallow.

As for the hubby and I doing this together...well, we did the fit test together (I totally kicked his butt too).  In fact, even my daughter got in on the action for a bit, and when she wasn't doing the moves, she was hysterical laughing at the movements and grunts coming from myself and my husband.  LOL.  Today though, he did not get out of bed and I had to go it alone.  Just me, Shaun T and a lot of sweat and tears!  :)

I have to say though that I really like the workouts.  I feel like I will see some nice results from all this butt busting work by the end of Shaun's 60 day reign of terror.  Very excited to see what tomorrow has in store - a little number called Cardio Power & Resistance.  Oh, a little word of warning, any exercise that begins with the word suicide - well, it's gonna suck!

Fit Test Results (just mine, he asked that I not post his info):
Switch kicks (2 kicks = 1 rep) - 63
Power jacks - 52
Power knees - 85
Power jumps - 43
Globe jumps (4 jumps = 1 rep) - 10
Suicide jumps - 19
Push up jacks - 22
Low plank oblique - 50


  1. Great results on your fit test!!! MAX Interval Plyo??? Are you going straight to Month2, lady or are you trying to kill your hubby...(LOL)? Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Great job girl on the fit test!!! We had similar numbers on day 1.... Can't wait to see you on day 63!!

  3. FitMama - I must've written down the wrong name. We did whatever we were supposed to for Day 2. LOL Although it would be fun to put in one of the month 2 DVDs just to get him going. :)
    Looking for great results Laura - I so hope to get them. Trying to be more watchful of what I eat!