Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dance Your A$$ Off!!

Much to my childrens' dismay, we don't allow much in the way of video games, computer games, etc. in our house.  But, last year I was swayed into allowing my ex to purchase a Wii for the kids for Christmas.  I have to say that we have had a ton of fun with it.  It maybe gets about an average of one hour a week of use, if that, but when we do get together and play some of the family games, it's a really good time.

My favorite game is also a fun way to get in some exercise.  Just Dance!!  This game is an absolute riot.  The first few times we played, all we could do was laugh.

First, you pick a song from the list of available songs (they have some good ones like Ring My Bell, Satisfaction, and more recent ones from Katy Perry and Britney Spears).  I should mention that these are the actual songs sung by the actual artists, no re-makes a la Kids Bop.  A computerized "dancer" appears on the screen with four bars behind them - you can have up to four players on this game.  You mimic the dancer's moves while holding the Wii-mote in your right hand.  For every move you do correctly, your bar starts to fill with color.  The person with the most filled bar comes in first.  Then it's time to pick another song and repeat.  Scores are tallied at the end of each song so you can see your cumulative results.

After the first song, you'll be breaking a sweat too.

And, even better, Just Dance 2 comes out on October 12th.  Yup, I pre-ordered and can't wait to get it.

Some pics from our last dance off (oh yea, I totally kicked their butts too).  My  kids had to ask "Mom, can we stop playing NOW?"

My kitchen isn't the only thing in this house dating back to the 50's. This is our funky wood-paneled basement, hangout, workout room, Wii gaming area, kids' play room, etc. There is also a funky bar area down here too that I'm pretty sure was built by the prior owner. It definitely looks like a "home job," complete with a huge mirror (which does come in very hand for my workouts) and little alcoves to put all your chotchkies and/or bowling trophies in. LOL

Do you have any fun video games that your family enjoys playing together?


  1. How cute!!! We play Rock Band... Yeah, I know... I totally got suckered into that game. My son is just starting to get the hang of it so it's a riot. The songs he sings now is hysterical. :)

  2. LOL - yeah we have that one too. I love when my 7 year old sings Ozzy songs! They really do get a huge kick out of it. Hope you're enjoying your vacation.

  3. We like WiiFit Plus... though I think lately— I am the only one using the Wii. LOL I use WiiFit Plus daily for my "body test"... My oldest likes Wii Fit Plus also though.

  4. Oh, I totally forgot about the Plus. Hmmmm...maybe this Christmas. That's funny that you only use it. My daughter is the only one that uses the Biggest Loser game. I don't know what it is she loves about it, but she does! And she's the teeniest little thing too. Off to google "body test". LOL