Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Menu - August 31 & Insanity Day 3

The last day of August.  So, so, so sad.  I love summer and can't believe it's almost over.  Next week, the kids go back to school.  I remember that time from when I was a kid - excited to wear your new school clothes and use your new pens and folders with pictures of Andy Gibb and Rod Stewart on them, but dreading it at the same time.  Where to sit at lunch?  Will my friends be in my class?  Will the class bully be in my class?  Are they going to make us play gym today?  How can I get rid of this giant chin zit over night, etc.  Yuck, I did NOT enjoy that time.

Anyhoo, despite the fact that we BOTH wanted to stay in bed, the Mr. and I hauled our butts downstairs and completed day 3 of Insanity.  There was sweating, grunting, painful groaning and some cursing, but then it was done and we both feel better for it.  His legs are sore and my back is really twisted.  I'm thinking my form may be off on some of the moves.  I'll have to pay better attention tomorrow.

Now, on to the food.

My back was really bothering me after our workout, so I just grabbed a bowl of cereal and a glass of OJ this morning.  I mix Kashi Go Lean with some Kashi Go Lean Crunch as I find the regular Go Lean to have very little taste (and it looks like rabbit feed).  Top with 2% milk.

Back to work again.  Today I had to bring the kids with me - woohoo!  NOT.  Camp is over and no school yet, so we do what we have to do.  I packed today my 10:30 pb&j on oat nut bread and some fresh strawberries with a hint of powdered sugar.  For lunch I had a salad - spinach, herbs, three hard boiled egg whites, a few cherry tomatoes from a local farm and some cuke slices.

Mid-Day Nosh:
Ack, another donut.  I wasn't even hungry.  Why do I do that?  But at least they are gone now!

It's H-O-T hot here today and I took the kids and friends to the zoo.  Soooo we got home late, and I'm still in vacation mode, and every single muscle in my back hurts, and for various other excuses totally valid reasons, I succumbed to convenience and opted for the Whole Foods hot buffet.  My fav, chicken tikka masala with brown rice.  I added a little of their lentil salad and topped it with some of my leftover broccoli from last night.  When I scoop at the hot bar, I try to drain off as much of the cream sauce as possible - you know, to be healthy!  :)  And, since everybody has to have an appy before dinner, we have sushi, two varieties - spicy tuna and salmon with avocado made with brown rice.  I ate one of each type with a little lot of wasabi (no soy sauce today, I was a good girl).  Yum!!  Surprisingly delicious for supermarket sushi.

Not sure how any of this fits in with the Insanity nutrition guide!  Advice on getting more veggies into my body is always welcome.  Maybe I should try baking them into powdered sugar donuts!


  1. I don't know if I could resist that chicken tikka masala, we've also love the sushi there as a walk-in take-out sushi. Yum!

    School started here Aug 23 for the kids we (staff)had to be back the 16th. My birthday is Aug 26th and I never had to go to school on my birthday! Until now! But I did always get school clothes for my birthday...how unfair is that?

  2. LOL - poor Lyndsey!! I can totally see why you always got clothes. I certainly hope things have changed. And Happy Birthday a little late - I'm sorry I missed it.