Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hot Product Shout Out - Nutrition Bar Edition

Let me begin by saying I don't typically do nutrition bars, protein shakes, supplements and the like.  I just feel that it is healthier to get those nutrients through normal diet.  Plus those things usually have very high calorie and carb counts and contain added sugar.  I do take a daily multi-vitamin with CoQ10 though (two kids, two jobs and a husband - a girl needs her energy boost!).

As with all things though, there is a new exception to my rule.  The Larabar fruit and nut bars!  Not all of them though - I find the ones involving any kind of "chocolate" to be very artificial tasting.  BUT, the pecan pie bar is da bomb!!  It is rather high in calories at 220 so I don't use it as a snack, but more of a meal replacement (I eat 5-6 times a day so it's easy to get bored).  I like that it is all natural and it is a great energy boost for that mid-day slump.  Just tried the coconut cream pie flavor today and it rocks too.  Larabar has this to say about the pecan pie bar:

"Indulgent, oh, yes, but good for you, too. Natural fuel from pecans, dates and almonds will keep you going for hours. What's more, pecans contain more antioxidants than any other nut, with 90% unsaturated, polyunsaturated fat. So sit down and enjoy a healthy Pecan Pie."

And about the coconut:

"What could be more enticing than a slice of Coconut Cream a bar? Often maligned as unhealthy, coconut oil is free of transfats and cholesterol. What it does have is 50% lauric acid, known for its health-protecting, anti-viral properties. Almonds contribute one of the best plant sources of fiber and protein. Cashews, full of iron and zinc, can enhance your immune functions. Finally, a Coconut Cream Pie that's good for you!"
Photo credit: Larabar
So if for some reason you are behind in your fruit and nut intake, I recommend giving these a try. It's also nice to have some healthier options on hand for when you just feel like grabbing something easy.

As is always the case, I am not compensated for any referrals unless specifically stated.  I just enjoy sharing the products I like and that make my life a little easier (and tastier).


  1. Larabars are good... I likey the Cherry Pie one, myself.

  2. Haven't had that one yet. I'll pick it up next trip! Thanks.