Thursday, September 9, 2010

And Life Takes Over

Sigh...This is an apology post.  Life has gotten extremely nuts and my blog has been neglected and is going in an unplanned direction.  I promise that after this week (a/k/a hell week) is over, we will be back to our regularly schedule programming.  :)  That is, more healthy(er) versions of delicious recipes!!  Ample cheats too, of course.

The first two dishes on tap are a Figgy Sausage Kabob and a Honey Almond Custard (also with figs).  Both were adapted from other wonderful bloggers' recipes.  We've had these at least twice each so far and both are to die for.  I also have some more planned Indian-inspired dishes and a beautiful and delicious baked orzo in the works.

I'm going to be moving my workout posts to weekly roundups so as not to flood the blog with daily sweat and pain updates.  LOL  However, I do have some new DVD purchases to review so I'll try to stick those in there too.  We do have to do something to burn off all that delicious food, right?

So please bear with me.  We'll be back to normal (whatever that is) soon!

Thanks so much for reading, commenting and emailing.  You guys are great.  xoxo

Betty Ray


  1. I love your blog!

    Have a nice time!

  2. Sometimes things just get in the take your time and blog whenever you can!
    Have a lovely and flavourful day!

  3. Thanks Angie. I could definitely use some flavor today.

  4. How dare life get in the way of your blogging! LOL. I certainly don't let work get in the way. hahahahaha... Can't wait to see what you cook next though... both recipes sound awesome as always!!!

  5. I know, I know!! Life. Geesh. Then work and first day of school stuff. So annoying. LOL

  6. Hey Betty Ray,

    Life can get hectic, and fast. Don't I know it!

    I think most of us bloggers have experienced the trouble with balancing our everyday life and blogging. I once took a month off. LOL. Unplanned, as it goes.

    When I came back I committed to at least 1 blog post a week, more if I felt up to it and that helped me manage A LOT better. =)

    Thanks so much for your visit. I look forward to your posts', food and workouts.

    Yesterday I did P90X: Shoulders & Chest & Ab Ripper. I just finished Kenpo five minutes ago, which is very close to my kickboxing roots. I LOVED IT!

  7. Great idea Ree. I'm glad that the vacation and monthly quota worked for you. :)
    I'm so glad you are enjoying P90X. Kenpo is very fun. Hope you post again about your kickboxing experience. That sounds like such fun!

  8. Funny how life can get in the way of certain things...don't worry yourself about it. Take care of you, then take care of the blog!

  9. I am sure we can all understand and admit that it has happened to us too ;) (except Laura, she is the blog queen) We will be here to read when you pick it back up. My blog is resting right now too but in about 1 week I will be back at it...
    Make it a great day and enjoy the rest.

  10. Thanks ladies. Yes, Laura is the queen. And she has time to make those cute pictures too! The nerve of her! :) Looking forward to your blog in a week's time Gaspegirl.