Thursday, September 2, 2010

Menu - Sept 2 & Insanity Day 5

Pure Cardio this morning.  Pure?  Hmmm....what could that mean?  Well, lemme tell ya - they should call it Pure Hell on Earth.  This is an intense cardio workout without intervals.  In other words, there is not even the usual 30 second rest between sets.  It is about 17 minutes of constant movement - intense movement.  Each new move is continued for one minute.  For those of you who think you can do anything for just a minute, think again my friends!  I held on pretty good, but I don't think I did more than 3 reps of the last two exercises.  Having those plank position moves at the end of the routine is just nuts.  I have no strength left to hold my body up.  So, I watched the last 15 seconds count down on the clock on my knees gasping for air.  But, I feel pretty darn good right now.

After that workout, a girl needs a good (big) breakfast.  Enter three hard boiled egg whites, spelt toast with a teeny smidge of butter and two chicken sausage links (could only stuff down one, so Rico was a happy pup this morning between his usual egg yolks and sausage too).

10:30 pb&j.  Should I even enter this anymore?  It's so predictable.  I packed up the leftover chicken tikka and lentil salad with brown rice for work.  I so love this dish and my Indian spice kit just arrived so I'm hoping to make a healthier version of this soon!

Mid-Day Nosh:
Yeah, it's hot here again.  2 chocolate lace cookies in the belly.  :(

A little Indian inspired shrimp pizza with a spicy mango chutney tomato sauce.  Recipe forthcoming in next post.  Paired with the leftover salad from last night that I picked at.

A glass of wine and a little taste of coconut curry chocolate rounded out the evening.


  1. Glad you "enjoyed" pure, effin' hell. LOL. I still loathe that workout.

    Mmmm... Indian... Love Indian food. Have you seen the new show on Foodnetwork with that new chick? Aarti Party? I want to try her Sloppy Bombay Joes this weekend.

    Also do you go to any Indian places around here? Kailash in Ridgewood is my fave!

  2. LOL - just commented on the other Aarti post. :)
    You know, we have had such a hard time finding restaurants around here that aren't chains. So I have only been to Nicci and some sushi place in Englewood. Neither of which are Indian obviously. I'll have to check out Kailash! Thanks.