Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend Eats in Pictures

Two large freelance projects kind of derailed my food logging for the weekend, but I did make it to the farmer's market and did NOT resort to convenience foods.  Also found time to hit the mall early on Monday for the Labor Day sales, and oh yes, four pairs of pants were purchased in a smaller size!  Hello Shaun T, goodbye muffin top!

Here's a little photo show of some of the various (and yummy) things I ingested.  LOL  Not so bad for a holiday weekend - probably because most of it was spent at my desk.

Skebbies with garlic bread and hot chicken sausage:
Farmer's Market Finds - black Russian onion bread with heirloom tomatoes and fresh mozz (pronounced "mootz" of course):
Pork and beans:
Pina colada protein pancakes (add ins: coconut, macadamia nuts, vanilla and crushed pineapple) cooked in coconut oil:
Lower fat mac & cheese:
BBQ a la the Mr.:
A few sips of:
Random "hanging in the backyard" cuteness:
I hope everybody thoroughly enjoyed their holiday weekend and that is was full of good food, relaxation and family!


  1. Looks like you had a FUNtastic weekend!!! The mac n cheese looks delicious. I want some...LOL.

  2. It was nice, thanks! If only there was a way to make mac & cheese healthy so we could eat it everyday.