Friday, September 17, 2010

Insanity - Week 3 Round Up

This week I had to do a few workouts sans partner.  :(  My Mr. got a crappy tattoo fixed up, so he was healing and missed two days - one of which was the recovery day though so I'll give him a break.  And the new ink looks fantastic versus the kindergarten-esque one he had before.  I know he's much happier now as it's in a fairly visible spot on his arm.  And that has what to do with Insanity?  Anyway...

On the recovery day no less, I tweaked my left knee somehow.  Seriously, it happened during the stretching.  Ugh!  Of all the crazy moves and jumping up and down in this program, I twist my knee while stretching.  What a dork!  But I woke up the next morning good as new.

Have I been noticing results?  Well, I notice that I get through the work outs with fewer breaks most days.  My upper abs feel tighter as do my legs.  As far as visible results go though, I cannot see any.  I'm pretty sure a lot of that has to do with my diet which seems to be slowly regressing back into old habits.  I'm not sure if it's the cooler weather or just change of seasons in general (or stress), but the fat content of my meals has increased and many of my meals are ending with a dessert.  Will try to work on that this week.  I have a spinach salad planned for lunch - which I will admit sounds sooo incredibly boring and unfulfilling right now.  LOL  But, we have to do what we have to do.  And I have my baby bro's wedding to attend in just two weeks!  Hello motivation!

Hope everybody else is doing good on their fitness programs.  How's the diet going for you?  Does change of seasons affect the foods you crave?


  1. Hey Betty, great to hear that you're doing well in your fitness programs! Take care and have lots of fun.

  2. UM YEAH! All I want with cold weather is beef stew, chili, pot roast and other comfort foods. Granted every recipe can be somewhat cleaned up to be "better for you", but sometimes you just want the real stuff! LOL

    Good job on getting through 3 weeks! Glad the knee wasn't seriously hurt. Sometimes it's the slow moves that get you hurt... all you have to do is turn a certain way and ugh... twisted.

    I definitely saw more results after month 2 when the workouts get crazier and longer. I'm sure you're looking hot though!!! :)

  3. I attempted Insanity once and immediately went back to P90X. After the third and faster repetition of the same routine, aside from being convinced this I might die if I continued, I was not inspired. I really need things to be mixed up to keep my attention. Also, after 5 days of P90X, two of which I only did ab ripper, I lost a jean size, and changed NOTHING by way of my diet. Which included lots of cheese, French bread and ice cream. LOTS. =)p

    I also had a new appreciation for Tony Horton's jokes and corny banter.

    During winter I really crave ice cream. But I always crave ice cream. I have a... well, some might call it a "problem." LOL. I also crave warm things, like soup. Rich and hearty soups. Winter veggies like squash. And I up my tea intake from 1 pot to 2.

    Congratulations on sticking with the workouts! You're doing a fantastic job. It's really inspiring.

  4. Thanks Kristy. :)

    Laura - I LOVE all those things. Of course with my stews and soups and need a nice hunk (or 4) of heavily buttered bread to dunk! I'll have to wait for month 2 to eat that stuff though.

    Ree - Thanks so much! I def had better results earlier on with P90X too but I do feel results on the inside with Insanity. After this, we will be doing an X/Insanity combo. I think any season is a good time for ice cream too! With lots of toppings like pb, caramel, jam, etc. :)

  5. MMM... I appear to have an ice cream "problem" too. LOL

  6. LOL...There's no seasons change here in FL. I'm still eating the same thing though but I went to Costco this morning and had a sample of pumpkin pie (lol)...You're doing great with the workout and keep it up!!!

  7. Doh, I keep forgetting about you people in the warm states. But thanks FitMama

  8. I moved on from the 30-Day Shred and am tuning up my fitness routine again.

    Diet was a big factor in my recent results... I found that even though I had been maintaining my weight successfully for a long while, I needed to pay more attention to what I was eating and when I was eating it. When I started my new routine, the scale went up! I was shocked. (I have been a Weight Watcher for over 10 years now.) Turns out that once I started journaling my food— I believe I have been eating twice as much as I thought I was!

    I am hungrier in he morning and mid-day, so a lunch change was in order. Soup has been a key staple change. I never feel satisfied with a cold salad. But a warm bowl of veggie-filled soup makes me feel fuller. So I have been having that for lunch (watching the sodium-content of course and making most of my soups for that reason)... chased with a square of extra-dark chocolate.... feels so good!

    I am in CA... but hot soup feels right to me all year long (but then again cold ice cream does too... I had to cut that down! LOL)

    Keep up the great work!

  9. Melissa - I had no idea you were on WW - congrats on maintaining for so long. You always look slim and pretty to me. :) I'm going to have to try your soup trick because salad really just always seems like an appetizer to me. I finish and then I'm like ok, where's the real food!

    I hope you like your new routine. Hope you keep us updated.

  10. Hey there... I am INSANE now ;) Wish me luck!