Sunday, September 12, 2010

Insanity - Week 2 Round Up

Another week of Insanity done.  Phew - we are getting worked to the bone here!  Still loving the workouts, still improving each day, still ending up a sweaty panting mess.  A tad bored with the repetition, a few of the workouts are repeated twice in a week and most of the warm ups are exactly the same.  I also miss my weighted workouts and am squeezing them in when I can.  But, I feel results even if they are not quite visible yet.  I think all this cardio is exactly what I need to enhance my P90X results.

We also had a new workout on the last day.  Cardio Abs AFTER Pure Cardio!  Why anyone would want to do another workout right after Pure Cardio is beyond me, but it is there, and after huffing through, I can see why.  Cardio Abs in and of itself wouldn't really do it for me.  Probably wouldn't feel like much of a workout, but AFTER the hell of Pure Cardio - geez, it was tough.  My body was already fatigued, my core was already worked pretty darn hard, and heck, I was all sweaty.  I HATE getting all down on my mat when my stomach is all wet and nasty.  It just grosses me out.  But we both prevailed.  Hubby had a much harder time as he has not done any core work in quite some time.  P90X gave me a really good base to work off of and I made it through almost all of the exercises without a break.  Those last plank moves though, my shoulders just kept giving out.  I think they are my weakest link which is so funny because I've always had somewhat large, broad shoulders.  Anyhoo...

Unfortunately, the diet front is not so great.  I have been going crazy for carbs (and cookies, chocolate, etc) for about a week now.  I will go an entire day without eating one veggie.  This we will have to work on.  I'm hoping now that things have calmed down around here, my meal planning will go better and lead to more veggies getting into our bodies.

So, until next week, keep pushing play, keep your body moving and for goodness sake, eat some veggies!!


  1. Lol. Yay to another week down!!! God... All I want is carbs!! So jealous of you!!! :-).

  2. Don't be! LOL, I'm eating too many. Seriously, what else is there to eat??!! And today we went to Six Flags. OMG, so bad. Eating those fries made me feel sick. I just sent my husband to pick up something healthy so I can get back on track. :)

  3. Well Betty Ray I have just ordered Insanity and will be doing it before another round of the X too; hoping that it will improve my X results too. My hubby got INSANE results on the X and he looked like the Hulk when we were done and I did lose a lot of inches but...
    Anyway, after a round of Insanity I think that I will lose the "goo" and see better definition from the X.

    Look at me ... so excited that I am giddy and rambling on and on.

    Have a great day!

  4. Very cool! And I can totally understand the giddyness. LOL Those darn men. They get in shape so quick!! Our week 3 fit test results are in and my husband improved by leaps and bounds. I only added a few extra reps. But, what can ya do. So nice that you and your husband are getting fit together. Can't wait to hear what you think! Here's to "goo" be gone! :)