Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Menu - Sept 1 & Insanity Day 4

Well, we did it again.  The Mr. and I hopped out of bed and did our Insanity routine.  I think it helped that it was Cardio Recovery day.  We were foolish enough to think it was going to be an easy stretch and relax type workout.  While there was some stretching then we moved into slow, deep squats which then led to holding deep squat position for 30 seconds, then to pulse squats for another 30.  Talk about a sore butt!!  We also did the same with lunges and some exercises in plank position.  I have to say, every single move in the workouts I've done so far have felt effective.  I can't wait to see/feel the results!

I woke up absolutely ravenous today.  Must be due to my cutting the late night snacks.  I decided to finish up my pumpkin protein pancakes.  Topped them with the usual maple syrup and walnuts.  Did a chicken sausage link, some grapes and half a pecan pie Lara bar.  Ate every bit and felt quite satisfied when all was done.

From here the day just went downhill.  I ate my pb&j and then really didn't have an appetite for anything else.  It's way too hot and humid and I'm feeling pretty cranky.  So, no pics today.  I had a few bites of salad at dinner and about 1/8th of a chicken parm sandwich.  Of course though, there was room for 2 chocolate lace cookies.

Ah well, tomorrow is another day to do it right.


  1. thanks for the comment betty! completely sympathize with the appetite thing in hot weather. all i want is smoothies!

  2. No prob Emily. I LOVE your blog and finally decided to post. And Yay for smoothies. :)