Tuesday, June 15, 2010

30 days of P90X

Let's see how long I actually keep this post up.  haha

Below are my Day 1 and Day 30 P90X progress photos.  I have 60 days to go so you won't see a TON of change just yet.  I'm happy with the changes to my upper body.  I don't see ANYTHING changing with my legs and butt - but we're only 1/3rd of the way done.

So, that being said, here we go.  My photos are a funky size so I'll try to fix that up later and re-post.  Day 1 is the black shorts, Day 30 is the grey.

I'm going to be adding the Brazil Butt Lift workout program as soon as it arrives in the mail.  I need a lift!  LOL  I'd love to hear from anyone who is also blogging a fitness "journey". 

Keep moving!


  1. YOur progress is fabulous...you hardwork is paying off!

  2. Thanks Sue. Almost to 60 now. Can't wait!