Monday, June 28, 2010

Kid Food!

Today was the first day of summer camp for my kiddos.  And that meant it was the first time I had to attempt to pack a lunch that fit in with our new eating plan.  My guy opted for turkey bologna and cheese on wheat while my little lady had tuna.  I really don't want to send them in with a sandwich EVERY day so I decided to make some chicken nuggets for tomorrow.

organic chicken breast
to coat (adjust amounts to your taste):
wheat germ

Heat oven to 350.  Cut up chicken breast to your desired nugget size.  Add all coating ingredients in a medium sized bowl.  Dredge chicken in the coating mixture and place on an olive oil sprayed cooking sheet.  Cook to desired doneness, turning half way through cooking time.  Mine took about 10 minutes per side.

That's it!  Perfect little nuggets that taste great, are pretty healthy, full of protein, and can be served cold out of a lunch box.  I'll send my son a little side of fat free ranch to dip as he prefers them that way.

This is actually the first time I added cornmeal to my coating mixture.  I usually just use the wheat germ, garlic and pepper.  The cornmeal adds a texture that makes the nuggets seem more like the ones from McDonald's but I don't feel it effects the taste.  From now on I may omit the cornmeal, but it was interesting to try it out today.  As for the kids, they love these (mostly because I don't make them use a fork to eat them), and haha, they're eating wheat germ and don't even know it!  I am happy to report that when I send these in for lunch they will be eaten, and I may take some to add to my salad tomorrow as well.

Do you have other sneaky ways of getting the kids to eat something healthy?  What other healthy items do you put in your child's lunch box?


  1. oh this looks great my lil one is a toddler but she would eat cherry tomotoes and cheese and ham and a lil pack of oranges

  2. Thanks! I don't know how mine got so picky, but they will only do the cheese and ham. LOL