Saturday, June 12, 2010

What's going on this week?

First off, Tuesday marks 30 days of P90X and I'm hoping to have the courage to post my "1/3rd of the way done" photos.  60 days to go!

Recipes this week:
Seared scallops with spicy blackberry sauce over couscous
Healthy cajun shrimp jambalaya (packet cooking - actually in the oven right now)
Salsa burgers with guac, radicchio & yogurt
Surprise cheese burgers with honey mustard & spinach
Mango radish salsa (very curious about this one)
Granola pear muffins

All of these recipes are new to me so I'm hoping to give them all glowing reviews and will include what the kiddos thought about it too (this should be fun).  And providing I remember my camera, pictures!

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