Friday, June 11, 2010

Cast of Characters

Most days I don't feel as though I'm living in the real world. I'm a serious day dreamer. I often feel my life is a movie, music video, soap opera...nightmare. LOL Anyway, I thought I'd introduce my cast of characters as I'm sure they will come up regularly.

First off is my husband of just over a year. He's a hairdresser extraordinaire, motorcycle enthusiast and always there if I ask him to be (notice I say "ask", but what can ya do, he's a man).

Then there is my mini-me, my son.  Ball of energy, extremely smart, adventurous and headstrong.  For better or for worse, he's EXACTLY like me.

My daughter is my youngest.  She has an incredible sense of humor, is the BFF of everybody and although she doesn't take after me AT ALL, I love her all the more.  :)

Last but not least is my furry little love, Rico.  We adopted him about 18 months ago (he was a rescue from Puerto Rico) and by day 2, he was a part of the family.  I never understood the joy of having a pet until now.  Can't imagine him not being part of my family.

So that's my motley crew, my pride and joy, my reasons for getting up every morning (and all that other fluffy stuff).  Hope you enjoyed getting to know them.

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